Our Story – The Adventures of Nala

It was a typical Saturday afternoon.  Molly and Nala were curled up on the couch next to Kathy sporting her Seminoles jersey and her husband Jeremy cheering for ‘Bama in his favorite sweatshirt.  As the game started we thought, ‘our furry friends need to get into the spirit too?’  So Kathy started searching, but being the ultimate bargain shopper couldn’t justify buying multiple collars.  That’s when she realized she could make a collar that you could change out for game days, holidays and every day for considerably less than buying all those separate collars! 

So Kathy made some sporty as well as fun every day collars that Nala and Molley could show off to family and friends.  Once they saw them, it was clear that we had a smart, stylish product that speaks to the dog lover in everyone.

But the story doesn’t end there…

In addition to value, we wanted a quality collar that could withstand any adventure that Molly and Nala dream up.  With family in the horse business we drew inspiration from equestrian products. And if you ever watched a 1,100 pound filly you know it takes a strong durable harness that is equally matched with grace and style to meet their tough demands.  So we created an interchangeable collar system featuring a variety of washable covers that attach to a quality collar guanteed for life - it's our Paw Shake Promise!

Giving Back is not only a passion, but is the vision for the company.

Nala was found through Petfinder and Molly came from a breeder that couldn’t find a home for her because she didn’t meet the ‘standards’.   And it’s not surprising to see a new foster friend come home to play.  We started small to help others by creating pocket change programs to donate to local shelters and FoHa.  But now through QuickSwitch Collars we’ve created a Give Back Cover of the month where 20% of the proceeds will go to non-profit organizations that help dogs find loving homes.  The organization we donate to is chosen by our “Dog of The Month” who is featured in the QuickSwitch Dog Park.

Since Kathy grew up in the recycling business, being environmentally-friendly is very important.  Most dirty and broken collars get thrown away and end up in landfills for years.  Our collar system only uses one collar and features washable covers so fewer collars are thrown away.