Top 10 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Fur Kid


10. Lots of hugs

It doesn’t matter how many legs you have, everyone loves the fuzzy warm feeling of a hug.

9. Long walks

A brisk stroll with your pup is a great way to bond and good for your health!  It’s important for your dog to get regular exercise.

8. Lots of brushing

Most pups love the feeling of getting their fur brushed, and they’ll look nice and pretty in the end too!  Regular brushing helps keep their coats nice and shiny (and a little less fur bunnies floating around the house).

7. Play together

Don’t be a couch potato. Go outside or get on the floor and play around!

6. Belly rubs and back scratches

Who doesn’t love one of those?  It’s also a great way to further bond with your pup.

5. A trip to the park

Dogs love running around and playing, even if it’s a little chilly out – they have a built in fur coat.  Find a local dog park in your area.  Often times there is designated areas for big or smaller dogs.  Dog parks are a great way to socialize your dog.

4. Treats

Give them a healthy or homemade treat and then you’ll get to go on more walks!  Combine this with a little training or incentive to learn a new trick.

3. Baths

Get your pup all nice and clean and looking pretty just in time for a holiday picture!  If they are a water dog like a retriever they will love the chance to play in the water.

2. Praise

Dogs, like humans, love to hear the sounds of your voice giving sweet praises!  Let your pup know what a good boy or girl they are and how appreciative you are to receive their love every day.

1. Buy them a gift

Who doesn’t love nice, new things? Find a fun chew toy, ball or their favorite stuffie.  Consider a festive collar with an adorable, matching bow tie or flower just in time for the holidays!

November 21, 2017 by Jen Troxell
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