5 Important Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

Dog halloween costumeHalloween is a fun holiday for everyone in your family, even your little fuzzy friend! However, if you’re not safe, it can also be a very hazardous time. The week of Halloween is the busiest time of year for the Pet Poison Hotline’s call center.

 As loving pet parents we thought you might enjoy these 5 critical tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween. 

Keep costumes simple

Pets can become tangled in elaborate, tight-fitting costumes with strings, ties, and belts. They can easily get strangled in these things and can have difficulty moving around, leading to injuries. Never leave your pet unattended while wearing a costume. Parts of a costume can easily be chewed off and ingested. A simple Halloween collar is an easy solution for dogs who won’t cooperate with wearing a costume. Check out this fun pumpkin dog collar.

Halloween Pumpkin Dog Collar

 Be careful around decorations and fire hazards

If you decorate your home for Halloween, take into consideration what you're putting on display and where the decorations will be placed. Easy to reach decorations and candles can be eaten or knocked over. This could lead to choking, foreign body ingestion, electrical shock, and even burns and a house fire.

Be cautious of noise

Dogs can become skittish and wound-up on Halloween due to the constant ringing of the doorbell, squeals and chatter outside the door, and loud music and flashing lights from any décor. Also, all of the strangers coming up to your house dressed in unfamiliar and scary costumes can alarm some pets, increasing their anxiety. Take extra precaution on Halloween. Decide if putting up a baby gate or leaving your dog in a back room of the house would keep them calmer throughout the evening.

 Keep human candy out of reach

Candy and chocolate are never good for dogs and on Halloween there is an increased chance that your dog may consume these treats. Chocolate and xylitol, a sweetener found in many candies, can be extremely toxic to pets. Lollipops and their sticks can be choking hazards and if ingested, can cause a painful obstruction that may even require surgery to remove. Plastic from candy wrappers can also lead to chocking or cause an obstruction and upset stomach. In order to avoid all of this, make sure all candies are out of your pet's reach. Even consider leaving your pet in another part of the house where they can’t be exposed to any treats. Keeping pet-safe treats on hand could help satisfy your curious pet. If you suspect your pet has consumed a toxic substance during Halloween and you can’t see your veterinarian, contact the 24-hour Pet Poison Hotline.

 Keep an eye on your pet

Orange neon reflective dog collarHalloween isn't the best time to let your pet wander outside unattended. There are a lot of pranksters out that could try to mess with your pet. Keep your pet indoors with you, unless you are planning on staying outdoors with them. If you are going out with them and including them in neighborhood festivities, make sure they are on a leash the whole time. Loud, scary noises and strange-looking costumes can also spook your pet, causing them to run away. It’s always a good idea to adorn your pet with a collar and identification tags in case you become separated. Neon Reflective Covers are perfect for nights like Halloween. They make it easy to keep an eye on your dog, even in the dark.

If you use caution, your entire family, including your pet, should be able to enjoy the Halloween season. It’s a fun time for all!

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